FadeurParts.be Technical (1) – Overview

Why I needed to change Prestashop In this series of articles (4 at the moment, more to come) I’m going to discuss the development of customized code for Prestashop to meet the requirements of a specific project I had to deal with: the FadeurParts.be web shop. You can have a look at FadeurParts.be (not in … Lire la suiteFadeurParts.be Technical (1) – Overview

FadeurParts.be Technical (2) – A look at the front-end

I believe that it will make my explanations more clear if I just show you how it looks in the front end. Here is a screen shot of my Prestashop front-end. In other words, the result of the project. You can see it in action at FadeurParts.be (username/password: prestashop/prestashop). Is just the plain Prestashop displayTop position. … Lire la suiteFadeurParts.be Technical (2) – A look at the front-end

FadeurParts.be Technical (3) – Front-end mechanism

Again, I believe the easiest way to explain how it works is to look at what happens from the Prestashop front-end point of view, taking an actual situation as an example. Let’s start with the screen shot of my previous article. In the welcome page of the shop, if the customer clicks « See the whole … Lire la suiteFadeurParts.be Technical (3) – Front-end mechanism